As we strive toward our new goal of $100 million, we focus on four essential priorities to advance as one Governor’s community, bright and bold and ready for the future.

Bill '67 and Peter '71 aLFOND coastal research CENTER

We’ll design a national model of experiential learning.

With True Courage has already given form and substance to the Alfond Coastal Research Center and Bass Institute, a state-of-the-art facility and program on the banks of the Parker River. Your support brings it fully to life. You’ll help our teachers develop rigorous programming and interdisciplinary curricula. You’ll give students new opportunities to conduct field research and gain a greater sense of place. And you’ll empower Governor’s to use the Alfond Center and the Institute as a template for other academic areas, generating innovative intellectual experiences across the Governor’s curriculum.

Building Rendering



We’ll cultivate our inspired and inspiring faculty.

Every Govs student and graduate can name adults at the school who, in ways small and large, changed their life for the better. The teacher who encouraged you to try a new class. The advisor who cheered for you from the sidelines. The dorm parent who saw the leader within you. Those relationships are the heart of Governor’s. Your support ensures that our heart stays strong. You’ll expand our effort to recruit and retain the most talented faculty. You’ll give our teachers more opportunities to strengthen and sharpen their practice. You’ll ensure that our faculty are inspired to do their best work and that our school is an inspiring place to learn.


We’ll create a community where anything is possible.

Governor’s is an open, optimistic learning community. With True Courage has increased our ability to open Governor’s to students from a broad range of backgrounds. Your support helps us do even more. You’ll make a Governor’s education accessible to more bright, bold, motivated students. You’ll strengthen our endowment for financial aid, ensuring that all of our students can fulfill their potential and pursue their dreams.


We’ll strengthen our engine of opportunity.

The Governor’s Fund is both a stabilizing force and a flexible tool. It brings experts and leaders in a range of fields to campus, and provides the every day opportunities for our faculty and students to shine. It builds sets for theater productions, it takes students to museums and events in Boston, it takes teams and fans to away games throughout New England.