Modeling Their Values

Modeling Their Values
Caley Lynch

“My father told me that my education was my inheritance,” says Henry Rosen ’79. “He felt that was the best way to ensure that I could benefit myself and sustain my loved ones—and generations of my family to come.”

As a couple, Henry and Vanessa share a deep commitment to helping others—and education is a priority. “Attending a school like Govs can help students now, but also future generations can hope to have more opportunities,” says Vanessa.

Henry and Vanessa have always prioritized financial aid and teaching through their annual support for The Governor’s Fund. This past year presented an exciting opportunity to make a Govs education affordable to even more students by leveraging the Bass Challenge to help them reach the threshold for establishing an endowed scholarship fund. “As an alum of GDA, I’m really proud of the school and I truly believe in the mission. I still remember my mentors—David Williams, Ed Rybicki, Heb Evans, and others who held me accountable but were always there for me,” Henry says. “As we see it, where the Academy is now with all of the initiatives and Peter Quimby as the Head of School, the school’s trajectory is skyrocketing. Now is a great time to invest in the future of the Academy by endowing financial aid.”

As parents of two young children, Vanessa holds that she and Henry can teach their children best by modeling their values. “We frequently tell our children how fortunate we are and the importance of helping others when you have the opportunity,” says Vanessa. “Our world is more connected than ever and if you can help one person it can have a domino effect,” she added. For her own children, Vanessa wants an educational environment that brings students together from different cultures and backgrounds. “Even the best schools aren’t going to be helpful in the long run if the students are educated in a bubble. Establishing the Rosen Family Scholarship Fund allows us to play our part and practice our values,” says Vanessa.

Extraordinary Leadership

It was a moment 50 years in the making when Guy and the Greasers, a band formed in the fall of 1971 by Chris Swensen '72 and Rich Hackel '72, took the stage in the Peter Marshall French Student Center to a crowd of classmates and fellow alumni. “What a way to kick off Reunion Weekend!” said Reunion Committee Member Peter Conway '72.

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The Full Experience

Jon and Missy Doyle P’08,’09,’19 take the Access Fund to a new level.

Financial aid is critical. It bridges the gap between tuition and what a student’s family can afford. But our financial aid packages don’t always go far enough. This is where the Access Fund — part of the school’s financial aid program, a pillar of With True Courage — comes in. 

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Cultivating Curiosity

A gift from Evan Trent ’98 honors an extraordinary teacher — and a lifelong source of inspiration.

Evan Trent ’98 spent three years at Governor’s. Those years changed his life. “I wouldn’t be where I am today,” he says, “if I hadn’t benefited from everything the school offers.” 

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