Making a Difference, Today and Tomorrow

Making a Difference, Today and Tomorrow
Caley Lynch

Need a primer on the importance of the school’s endowment? Chief Financial Officer Cindy Fanikos is here to help.

What is an endowment? Why is it important?
An endowment is a pool of money that is donated and invested in an effort to create a reliable and annual source of income for the Academy in perpetuity. In the short term, we use funds from the endowment to pay for a percentage of our yearly operating costs. In the long term, the endowment ensures the continued financial health of Governor’s. Last year, the endowment was at $66.7 million; now, it’s valued at more than $88 million. Gifts to the campaign are a huge part of that growth. 

How does the endowment support the school?
In so many ways, every day. It builds a robust financial aid program that lets us bring in students of strong character who contribute positively to our community. It allows us to recruit and retain a talented, diverse faculty. And it will help us maintain excellence in every corner of the school, from facilities to programming, from arts to athletics to academics, now and in the future. 

What would you say to someone considering a gift to the campaign?
We have an incredible opportunity to raise $30 million for our endowment. Governor’s has been doing transformative work for more than 250 years. When you give to the campaign, you ensure that we’ll continue to do that work for the next generation, and generations beyond. That’s a true legacy — something that will grow stronger because of your foresight.

The Full Experience

Jon and Missy Doyle P’08,’09,’19 take the Access Fund to a new level.

Financial aid is critical. It bridges the gap between tuition and what a student’s family can afford. But our financial aid packages don’t always go far enough. This is where the Access Fund — part of the school’s financial aid program, a pillar of With True Courage — comes in. 

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Cultivating Curiosity

A gift from Evan Trent ’98 honors an extraordinary teacher — and a lifelong source of inspiration.

Evan Trent ’98 spent three years at Governor’s. Those years changed his life. “I wouldn’t be where I am today,” he says, “if I hadn’t benefited from everything the school offers.” 

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Capital Projects Taking Place on Campus

Peter Marshall French Student Center Renovation and Expansion

Dedicated in 1978 by Robert and Trustee Emerita Shirley French P’76, GP’09 and their family in memory of their son Peter Marshall French, the building has long served as a lively hub for students to congregate, learn, and forge lifelong friendships. Yet today, we find that our community has significantly outgrown the building, calling for an extensive renovation and expansion to better meet the needs of our students.

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