Life at Govs

Evenings and Weekends at Govs

Student involvement on campus is broad and inclusive. Day students and boarders participate fully, so much so that any distinction between boarding or day fades away. You will always find friends studying in the Library, hanging out at our Head of School's house for Mansion House, or shooting hoops in the Field House. No one wants to miss the concerts, games, lectures, and special events that spill out of school days and into evenings and weekends.



Student Activities

Many memories are made and relationships formed outside the structures of the academic day and the Afternoon Program.

There are myriad ways to be involved at Govs! We encourage our students to pursue their passions and explore new interests through joining student organizations. Some groups have regular weekly meetings while others meet intermittently. From the Beekeeping Club to Student Council to the African American and Latino Affinity Group, our clubs reflect the dedication and diversity of our community.

Students Groups and Weekend Activities



Arts Night In Kaiser

Beekeeping Club

Special Olympics Soccer Tournament

International Club