Afternoon Program at The Governor's Academy

Afternoons at Govs foster important life skills like learning to laugh at yourself, playing on a team, and taking a few risks.

How to project your voice from a stage or how to express it on a page. How to know when to make an assist and when to take your shot. And how to make your most meaningful contribution to the wider community in which we live.

Mission Statement
We believe that learning extends beyond the classroom; that character, including the ability to win and lose gracefully, is formed by learning to be selfless; and that there can be joy, pride, and value in co-curricular experiences.  The Governor’s Academy’s Afternoon Program promotes integrity, leadership, and wellness. We support individual growth and achievement in the arts and athletics in a diverse community that values teamwork, discipline, service, and respect for others.

Afternoon Program Offerings:


Whether you are a three-season varsity athlete or join a thirds team to learn a new sport, our interscholastic athletes learn life lessons like teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline, and how to win or lose with grace. Recreational and instructional sports give you the opportunity to stay in-shape, learn a new sport, or just have fun. Govs offers instructional tennis,  recreational basketball, instructional hockey, and yoga/crossfit. 


There are so many opportunities to be creative in the afternoon. Technical theater supports our drama productions, two plays and one musical, in all three seasons. Dance is offered in all three seasons. There is unconditional support and teamwork whether you are a musician in the winter musical's pit orchestra, an art in the afternoon sculptor, or a ceramicist throwing and painting pots for our annual soup kitchen fundraiser.


Whether you are fascinated with engineering and computer programming, you have the desire to give back to our community by organizing the Massachusetts Special Olympics Soccer Tournament or knitting hats for newborns, or you have a budding interest in photography and videography, our co-curricular program fits a wide variety of interests.