Learn About Student Life at The Governor’s Academy

At The Governor’s Academy, the challenges and opportunities of a quintessential New England boarding school merge with a warmth and openness to new ideas and new people that has always made us refreshingly different. Governor’s has always been a place of open doors, open minds, and open hearts. You can feel it from the moment you arrive—a genuine warmth and an eager welcome.

Day and boarding students learn from each other and from our exceptional faculty as they form a unique community of different cultures and life experiences in Byfield. Days in the classroom are complemented by broad co-curricular opportunities and a family-like residential life experience. No matter if your interests lie in athletics, the arts, or student government, you will be supported by friends and teachers who will celebrate your individuality.

These qualities endure as the hallmarks of a Governor’s education:

  • Family-like atmosphere 

  • Academic excellence

  • Dedicated faculty 

  • Balance

Meet the Deans' Team

Erin Davey

Dean of Students

Faith Kagwa

Associate Dean of Students & Director of Residential Life; Junior & Senior Class Dean
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dean of students at the governor's academy
Erin Davey

Dean of Students

One of my favorite quotes is 'You are not a machine. You are more like a Garden' by Joy Marie Clarkson. Much like a garden, nurturing students means understanding their changing needs. Just as a garden flourishes with varied care, students thrive with a mix of guidance and freedom. Recognizing their diverse phases isn't a flaw; it is vital for growth.

With over a decade of experience teaching, coaching, and leading student life at boarding schools, Erin has held a range of roles including Assistant Dean of Students, Director of Community Life, and Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. She cares deeply about students' social and emotional development. In addition to her role as Dean of Students, Erin will teach AP Psychology and coach Varsity Softball. She lives on campus.