Cross Country Course Description

This is a hand-wheeled 5k (3.1 mi.) course. It is a rather challenging course because of the varying terrain, turns and hills. The course records are another indication of its difficulty:

Course Records:
16:18 M. Hatch - Thayer Academy 1982 - male h.s.
18:22 C. Bierbaum – Groton School 2000 - female h.s.

Governor’s records:
18:54 K. Thomas-2006;
16:41 A. Huebner-2005

Course Description:    

Spikes may be used. The first four kilometers are marked, as well as the mile and halfway.

 The course begins on upper field behind the gym (on the north side of the 20-yd. line) and ends just in front of the starting line at the memorial stone near the western end of the track. The course proceeds west, accesses the road in front of the gym, bears left, crosses Middle Rd., and splits the 3rd & 4th trees alongside the parking lot. It bears right, goes on the sidewalk in front of the rink, and splits the 2nd & 3rd lights, blasts down Les’ Lane, then turns right, heading toward teh tennis courts.  Nearing them, it sweeps road, where it turns left and then turns right & goes acrosse the cornoer of the turf field, & runs outside the fence.  Then it goes up a short hill, passes through a gate of trees, and aims diagonally across the lawn to the dirt road along the new dorm-1k. Then it takes a left onto Middle Road (can run on left path w/spikes) then a right through white posts and follows a wooded path full of roots along the Parker River, turns right after crossing a log & stone wall, goes left up a short, steep hill (1 mi.), then turns right onto a dirt/gravel road (downhill) which turns right (2k) and leads to the track. It goes left at the track, left again, circles behind home plate, goes through a gate, heads behind the pond, turns left through a white gate, crosses behind the auditorium/PAC (2.5k/1.55 mi.) through the parking lot, goes behind the chapel (uphill), circles around it and aims for the quad. It shoots straight across the quad (grass or tar), bears left around a lilac bush, tree & lightpole, crosses the covered bridge, (stay to left), splits the paths and ascends the big hill between and beyond the two brick dorms (3k). The course then continues to rise on a wooded path, dips (2 mi.), takes a left, levels and then rises again, turns right at the top of a hill, goes right over a stone wall, and finally starts to descend, picks up an asphalt road, (run either on road or dirt path on right side), curves hard right below Ingham House (4k) (new), and aims for the covered bridge, crosses it, (stay to left), bears right around a tree, bush & lightpole (2.5 mi.), crosses the quad (grass or tar), and aims for the back left of the chapel. There it takes a diagonal left downhill to the parking lot, goes right behind & around the eastern end of the auditorium/PAC, then goes right along the edge of the pond, takes a sharp left near the SE corner of a varsity soccer practice grid, goes through a gate, behind home plate and aims straight for the finish line, near the gym, on the southwest side of the track, opposite the tree.
Course Markings:


  1. blue: run on either side, except through 2 blues forming a gate.
  2. red: run left, keeping the stake on your left side.
  3. yellow: run right, keeping the stake on your right side.

Line- a painted line guides runners through the tricky areas. Run on or near the line.

Wooded paths- raking will expose the path stones and roots.

Run to the outside of all lined playing fields.

A wrong turn or move must be retraced exactly to its point of origin, then the correct turn must be executed, or a DQ will result.

Stay to left both times crossing bridge.

It takes about 75 min. to walk the course.  Please call if you'll be late for the tour.

Teams should be at finish line 10 min. before race time.

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