Music Ensembles

The Academy Orchestra

(9, 10, 11, 12) Open to all students who have intermediate abilities on orchestral instruments or piano. This ensemble performs both classical and contemporary repertoire at our major school concerts throughout the year.

The Jazz Band

(9, 10, 11, 12) Performing a blend of traditional and contemporary jazz repertoire, the Jazz Band is open to all students who have intermediate abilities on sax and brass instruments; guitar, bass, drums, and piano are auditioned at the beginning of the school year.

Small Jazz Combos

(9, 10, 11, 12) Small groups of 4-7 students work with our instrumental director and also on their own rehearsing specialty jazz pieces for concerts and special campus events.  Open by audition with the Director of Instrumental Music.

The Academy Singers

(9, 10, 11, 12) Our large chorus of about 60-70 voices, this group is open to anyone who wants to sing in a large ensemble.  The group specializes in Jazz, Broadway, and classic standards, and often performs along with the Orchestra or Jazz Band.

Select Chorus: "The First"

(10, 11, 12) Open by audition, this small group of 16-20 singers performs European and American choral music in English and in foreign languages, along with complex arrangements of contemporary songs. 

A Cappella

(9, 10, 11, 12) A contemporary, college-style ensemble that meets one evening each week to rehearse contemporary and classic adaptations of popular songs. Open by audition. [No academic credit].

Music Courses

Intro to Fine Arts: Music

(9) Students have the chance to listen and analyze rock, jazz, and classical music, and rehearse a variety of styles to play in this interactive and enjoyable course.

Music Theory

(10, 11, 12) Covering the basics of music, this class is designed for students who want to learn more about chords, harmony, songwriting, and transcription (listening to a song and then writing it down). Musicians of all levels are welcome. 

American Music History

(10, 11, 12) Americans have listened to music since the first settlers arrived, and this class explores the various types of music that were considered "popular" throughout the years. A great course to better understand the evolution of today's top songs.

Electronic Music and Recording

(10, 11, 12) Students interested in contemporary electronic music, or in the modern process of digital recording, have the opportunity to take this class in the Wilkie Center's Electronic Music Studio. This course covers the history of electronic music, as well as modern interpretations of the genre; the primary focus, though, is learning to use and experiment with Logic, ProTools, studio microphones, and MIDI keyboards. All experience levels are welcome.

Independent Study in Music

(10, 11, 12) Students who wish to pursue a specialized field, such as advanced theory, conducting, or recording, are invited to apply for an independent study with a music faculty member.

Music Lessons

Did you know we offer private music lessons right here on campus? Voice, piano, and all major instruments are offered, and local teachers meet students in the Wilkie Center for weekly lessons. An additional fee applies. Please contact Fine Arts Department Chair Belle Struck for complete information. 

Music Performance Opportunities

Solo Performances at Concerts

Members of our performing groups are encouraged to audition for their own performance slot during one of our major school concerts, interspersed among the large ensemble performances.  

"The Guild" Variety Shows

The Guild is open to all students who wish to perform for their friends. Singing, rock bands, dance, poetry, stand up comedy; show us what you've got!

Student Recitals

Coffeehouse-type performances in small, intimate spaces, open to all musicians. Share a song with your friends. 

Chapel Musicians

Our Wednesday morning chapel talks always feature a musical performance as everyone enters and then again at the end. Songs are reflective and meditative to set the mood.

The Morning Meeting Band

Friday mornings the students and faculty are treated to a performance by the Morning Meeting Band as we all gather for--you guessed it--Friday morning meeting.

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