Ceramics Courses

Intro to Fine Arts: Ceramics

(9) Learn the basics of the wheel, glazing, and firing as you create Indian pots and tiles in this course. A great way to learn, have fun, and get dirty at the same time.

Intermediate / Advanced Ceramics Studio

(10, 11, 12) Covering more advanced wheel work, plus more difficult firing techniques such as Saggar, Pit, and Smoke firing.

A.P. Ceramics

(11, 12) Students who wish to engage in a more rigorous and advanced study of ceramics and pursue them at the college level can enroll in AP Ceramics. This course is one year-long,  and requires students to complete a portfolio of 21 original works.

Independent Study in Ceramics

(10, 11, 12) Students who wish to work with clay can purpose and design their own course of study supported by an instructor.

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