The Governor's Academy offers a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary dance program designed to develop versatile, creative dancers. Each week throughout the year, a variety of dance styles and disciplines are offered including Contemporary, Modern, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Latin, and African. Students have the opportunity to explore Dance Composition, Dance History, Improvisation, and Pilates. Throughout the year, dancers have an opportunity to perform faculty and student work. Students work with guest artists and also attend professional performances. Semi-private lessons may be offered for students wishing to study Pointe and Tap. An additional fee applies.

Dance is offered throughout the year. Dancers meet five days a week (six days during the winter season) for two hours as part of the Afternoon Program. 
The Fall season is designed to build technique, build a familiarity with the variety of dance styles and disciplines offered and for the student to experiment with their own movement through composition. This is an excellent season for both experienced dancers and novices to explore the dance program. 

The Winter season continues the training and exploration begun in the fall and augments it with preparations for the winter dance concert. Students learn and rehearse faculty dances and are encouraged to develop and hone their own choreography to be presented as part of this concert in the Bergmann Theater, Wilkie Center for the Performing Arts. 

The Spring season builds on the training and experience of the year and is an opportunity for experienced upperclassmen to take the reins. They develop their own concert. The dancers are responsible for choreographing and directing their original work to be presented in an intimate Black Box setting.

Click the image below to watch the 2018 Dance Company's collaboration with local artist Gordon Przybyla. 

Intro to Fine Arts: Dance

(9) Movement is about the most natural instinct we have and the most exciting because of what we can do with it! In the IFA Dance class students experiment with a variety of basic styles of dance such as ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz, and improvisation. As students explore a new language of expression, they learn how to use the elements of dance in movement, begin to understand body awareness and flexibility, and experience blending different styles of dance in a dynamic way.

Dance (Afternoon Program)

Dance is offered in all three seasons, and meets six days per week for two hours as part of the Afternoon Program. 

The Fall Program is designed to improve technical skills, build strength, flexibility, endurance, and to learn a variety of dance disciplines.

The Winter Program continues this training and includes rehearsals for a full-length dance performance in February. Students learn several pieces and are encouraged to develop their own choreographed pieces to be presented as part of that show.

The Spring Program provides an opportunity for upper class students to take the reins directing and choreographing various pieces. 

Private Dance Lessons

Private lessons can be arranged for those wishing to study at a more advanced level. An additional fee applies. Contact Pam Smith, Director of Dance, for information.

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