Film & Photography


Film Courses

Intro to Fine Arts: Film

(9) Analyze films, music videos, and commercials to learn techniques, and then it's your turn to shoot and edit your own short films using digital video cameras.


(10, 11, 12) Learn composition, advanced editing, scripting, and visual storytelling.  Students make three to four short films using high-quality audio and video equipment.

Photography Courses

Intro to Fine Arts: Photo

(9) Shoot your own photographs using a wide variety of cameras. Then learn more about framing, point of view, tonal separation, and light.

Photography Studio I & II

(10, 11, 12) Using the school's cameras, students learn both film and digital photo techniques, use of the darkroom, and advanced editing features in Adobe Photoshop.

AP Photography

(11, 12) Students who wish to engage in a more rigorous and advanced study of photography and pursue it at the college level can enroll in AP Photography. This course is year-long and requires students to complete a portfolio of 24 original works.

Independent Study in Photography

(10,11,12) Students who wish to work with different photography processes can propose and design their own course of study supported and guided by an instructor.

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