Dorm Life


Residential life at The Governor's Academy offers students a world of opportunity. Students at The Governor's Academy form fond attachments to their dorms. Living in singles or doubles with their classmates, ninth graders are housed in their own dorms, while all upperclassmen mix throughout the campus.

To get an inside look at a typical dorm room on campus, watch this video

Dorm Parents

Members of the faculty reside in and supervise student life in our dormitories. These faculty members supervise study hours and share in creating a warm, social and family unit in the dorm. Dorm parents also serve as their students’ advisors.


Members of the senior class are selected by the dorm parents to be dorm proctors. These students take on vital responsibilities as the Academy's leaders. Proctors help the dorm parents run the dormitories and, most importantly, are strong role models and mentors for all students.

Common Rooms

With common areas complete with televisions and comfy chairs, dorms are often the place that kids hang out in between study hours or other commitments. Quiet hours begin in all dorms at 7:00 p.m. to provide appropriate space for study hours. Male and female students may visit each other in the dormitory common rooms providing they follow parietal guidelines.


All dorms have resources from the Office of the Dean of Students to fund social activities. Dinners, ice cream sundaes, movie rentals, pizza study breaks, and other on- and off-campus activities help.

Female DormsMale Dorms
Moody HousePerkins Dormitory
Nannie B. PhillipsIngham Dormitory
Pierce HallEames Dormitory
Doggett DormEvans Cottage
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