Student Activities

Many memorable moments and relationships happen outside the structures of the academic day and the Afternoon Program. There are lots of ways to be involved at The Governor's Academy!

We encourage our students to pursue interests to form their own organizations. For this reason, the clubs or organizations listed below may vary from year to year.

Some clubs have regular weekly meetings. Others meet intermittently. Student deans are responsible for organizing the weekly club meeting schedule.

Sample List of Clubs

  • A cappella
  • Anime
  • Athena
  • Book Club
  • C and C Club
  • Chapel Committee
  • Chess Club
  • Christian Fellowship
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Debate Club
  • EPIIC (Model UN)
  • Environmental Club
  • FBLA Business Club
  • The Fishing Club
  • German Club
  • Harvard Model Congress
  • Health and Wellness Committee
  • Jewish Fellowship
  • Mansion House Proctors
  • The Mathematics Club
  • The Milestone (yearbook)
  • Movie Club
  • Project Outreach
  • Poetry Society
  • P.R.I.D.E.
  • Peer Advisors
  • Productions Club
  • Rugby
  • Science Club
  • Sherlock Holmes Club
  • Social Committee
  • Tae Kwon Doe
  • Tea and Philosophy
  • The Governor (student newspaper)
  • The Spire (literary magazine)
  • Tour Guides
  • Trading Card Game 



Mission: We get together and learn acapella music so we can perform it at events and have a good time

Club leader(s): Lily and Sorieba

Faculty advisor: Mr. Huntington

Best Buddies

Mission: "We are the world’s largest organization dedicated to ending the social, physical and economic isolation of the 200 million people with intellectual and developmental disabilities". Our club at Govs will help to extend the outreach of this very important mission.

Student leader(s): Olivia and Lauren

Faculty advisor: Mrs. Howson

Business/Entrepreneur Club

Mission: Business Club mission's is to provide business opportunities, inform and discuss business affairs, and hosts a series of business events.

Student leader(s): Trung, Joon, Josh, and Theo

Faculty advisor: Mr. Werner

Current Events Club

Mission: The Current Events Club is dedicated to spend time out of the week to talk about the current events our world faces in a polite discussion. 

Club leader(s): Luke, Billy, Karlaes

Faculty advisor: Mr. McLain

Dance Club

Mission: To join people together to have fun and not fear dance. Once a week, one of the leaders will teach a dance to the class. We teach all styles and consistency is key. We would also like to involve the class in a Guild performance.

Student leader(s): Heaven, Destiny, Rachel, and Levy

Faculty advisor: Mrs. Smith

Debate Club

Mission: Debate Club has been in existence for many years at the Academy. Our goal is to prepare our members to the best of our ability for several competitions throughout the year. Obviously we have high aspirations to achieve recognition at these events and are striving to do just that.

Student leader(s): Harry and Rachel

Faculty advisor: Mr. Wann


Diplomacy Club

Mission: In this club we play a game called diplomacy which is essentially a simulation of World War II. It provides valuable insights into some of the difficulties of war. We hope to have one game of diplomacy each quarter as the games take a very long time. Diplomacy club should be a place to have fun, learn about history, and take on the rest of Europe! 

Club leader(s): Billy and Andrew

Faculty advisor: Mr. McLain

Dog Walking Club

Mission: The goal of this club is to get students who miss their dogs, and students who generally like being around dogs to walk faculty dogs. If the faculty need their dogs because they cannot get to them, or even if they just want someone to walk their dog, this club will help with that.

Student leader(s): Chris Ogden


Film (Drama/Anime) Club

Club leader(s): Ashley and Hee Won

Faculty advisor: Jade Qian

Harvard Model Congress

Mission: HMC is an annual conference in Boston hosted by Harvard students to simulate events within the U.S. Government. Govs students must apply to be apart of the conference as there are only 30 available spots. Once admitted, students are assigned a delegation and must complete all necessary prep work for the conference. We meet once before to go over the conference, the payment, and what forms need to be signed.

Student leader(s): Mckenzie and Kyra

Faculty advisor: Mr. Quigley

Math Club

Mission: To foster students' interest in mathematics, especially outside the classroom, and to host New England Math League contest

Club leader(s): Benjamin, Michael, and Will

Faculty advisor: Dr. Brayshaw

Modern Politics Summit

Mission: We discuss current political events and apply conservative and libertarian values to create solutions for today's issues, and educate the Academy about conservatism, libertarianism, and their ideals.

Club leader(s): Eric

Faculty advisor: Mr. McLain

Outings Club

Mission: This club is designed to expose students to the outdoors and get them involved in nature

Club leader(s): Luis

Faculty advisor: Mr. Brandt


Poetry Club

Mission: Poetry Club is a space to create art and reflect about our experiences. At Govs we have few opportunities to relax and engage in meaningful conversations. We want to help people see that poetry is more accessible than they believe and that they too can make art.

Student leader(s): Collethea and Leonelys

Faculty advisor: Mrs. Gold


Mission: The objective of Spectrum is to make the Govs campus a more aware and open environment to members of the LGBT community and allies.

Student leader(s): Isabella and Alondra

Faculty advisor: Mr. Huntington

Sustainability Team

Mission: Our mission is to, together with the member schools from ISSC (Independent School Sustainability Coalition) is to accentuate the major factors of environmental deterioration taking place, and bring on various projects throughout the whole year to teach students (by collaborating) how to bring positive impact back and organize environmental events.

Student leader(s): Montserrat and Rachel

Faculty advisor: Mrs. Borgatti


Mission: Our goal is to facilitate thoughtful and productive discussion about gender and culture surrounding gender at Govs as well as the world 

Student leader(s): Olivia and Kyra

Faculty advisor: Mrs. Hamovit & Ms. Ruhl


Mission: UNICEF Club aims to inspire students, advocate important matters and truly help children in need around the world. We hope to make true impact to the world with Govs resources and Govs intelligence.

Student leader(s): Kevin, Kyra, Mckenzie, Miki, and Haodi 

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Brace

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