Financial Aid Calendar

November 1 - January 15

  • Complete the Parents Financial Statement (PFS). The Governor's Academy school code is 3466. Parents may access the form online at School and Student Services (SSS).
  • If parents are divorced, separated or have never been married, each parent must fill out separate Parents' Financial Statements.
  • If parents own or are part owners of a farm or business, complete the SSS Business/Farm Statement. This form can be downloaded at School and Student Services (SSS).
  • Submit copies of all 2018 W-2 and/or 1099 forms for all parents/guardians.
  • Submit a signed copy of all parents'/guardians' 2018 1040 Federal Tax Return and all schedules.
  • Submit a signed, but NOT dated, Form 4506-T.

By February 15

  • Submit a signed copy of all parents'/guardians' 2019 1040 Federal Tax Return and all schedules (can be submitted after February 15 if not complete). 
  • Submit copies of all 2019 W-2 and/or 1099 forms for all parents/guardians.
  • If applicable, include copies of K-1 forms and/or corporate returns.

*All documentation should be submitted to SSS. It is important to meet all deadlines, as an incomplete financial aid application could adversely affect the admission decision.


  • Financial Aid decisions for new students are mailed out with admission decision letters on March 10 and will be available online. 
  • Financial Aid decisions for returning students will be available online by March 1. 


  • The Student Reply Date is April 10 for newly enrolled students. Families must notify schools of their enrollment decisions by this date.
  • The Student Reply Date is April 1 for returning students. 
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