New Solar Array Powers Wilkie Center
Posted 04/07/2017 04:03PM

A generous gift from Tim and Emily Collins P’18 has enabled The Governor’s Academy to install solar panels on the Wilkie Center for the Performing Arts.

The environmental impact of having solar panels on the Wilkie Center is substantial. They will provide a reduced, more stable, and predictable electricity rate while eliminating harmful carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. This furthers the Academy’s commitment to its mission to reduce its ecological footprint by developing a greener campus.

The solar panels on Wilkie will offset the yearly carbon dioxide emissions from 4,150 gallons of gasoline, 85 barrels of oil consumed, 39,356 pounds of coal burned, and 1,508 propane cylinders used.  

Of their gift, the Collins’ said, “We are pleased to be able to provide support to this solar array at The Governor’s Academy. We are firm believers that it is critically important for alternative energies to be embraced and supported so that, over time, they become mainstream. We see assisting Govs with this array as a win/win – we are able to help the school which our daughter is attending and also expose many students to solar. We’re hoping that walking by the panels every day will help students to think of solar power as something that it is ‘obvious’ to consider in future for use in the home or office, rather than something that is ‘uncommon’ and therefore doesn’t get considered.”

The Wilkie Center is the second building on campus to feature a solar array. The Alumni Gymnasium has had solar panels on its roof since 2010. To see the impressive energy production and contribution that the solar panels make each day, click here.


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