"Speak About It" Visits Govs
Posted 11/15/2016 02:29PM

On Monday, November 14, sophomore and junior students watched a presentation called Speak About It. Speak About It, which originated at Bowdoin College, is a performance-based presentation about consent, boundaries, and healthy relationships. The performance uses a combination of humorous skits, interactive dialogue, and powerful monologues to address consent, sexual assault, and bystander intervention.

Described as bringing wisdom from an array of mistakes, misfortunes, successes, and personal discoveries to audiences in a humorous yet provocative show filled with dynamic true monologues and energetic skits.” The show addressed issues of consent, sexual assault, and bystander intervention with hopes of sparking a conversation that will educate, entertain, and empower students.

The presentation is part of the Academy’s Affective Education program which is a four year, comprehensive curriculum that focuses on social and emotional education of our students.  Freshmen participate in a weekly morals and ethics symposium as part of Public Presentation Skills, sophomores take a semester long Life Skills class, juniors do a weekly Mindfulness and Leadership seminar during the fall semester, and in the spring the seniors do a transition to college program in conjunction with their Capstone projects.

To learn more about Speak About It, visit their website here. 

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