Govs Hosts Special Olympics for 29th Year
Posted 11/08/2016 01:54PM

Each year, The Governor's Academy hosts the Massachusetts Special Olympics Fall Soccer Tournament. Sunday, November 6 marked the 29th year that the Academy hosted the state soccer championship. Over 370 members of the Govs community helped make sure the day run smoothly.

During the games, more than 1,200 athletes, representing more than 100 teams from across the state, gather to compete in a series of round-robin soccer matches. As hosts of the event, Academy students are responsible for arranging the opening ceremonies, running "Olympic Town," organizing soccer skills and drills, registering athletes, feeding participants, and overseeing the competitions. 

The event was directed this year by seniors Afoma Maduegbuna ‘17 and Alex Eliasen ’17 under Ms. Finch's guidance.

Afoma said, “Seeing all 400+ students and faculty come together for this day was an amazing sight. Though the weather wasn't the best it didn't dampen anyone's spirits. I think that the Govs motto "Non sibi sed aliis" was so evident on that day." 

Alex shared why the event was so special to Govs: "The Special Olympics event to me is a time when we as volunteers can highlight the athletes' abilities as soccer players and not focus on their so called “disabilities”. Watching the athletes march through the parade, their heads held high, and the sun gleaming on their faces, made all of the time Afoma and I spent working on this event worth it. Although the weather did not work in our favor, the rain did not put out the fire burning in each athlete's heart. Special Olympics is an amazing organization and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to help.”

Cover photo taken by Mrs. Stratton

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