Personal Rx

If your son or daughter takes prescription medication, we offer a convenient and efficient way to serve this aspect of their health care needs. We partner with Personal Rx, which dispenses students’ pre-packaged prescription medications directly to The Governor’s Academy each month. Any student who takes prescription medications is required to sign up for Personal Rx. 

What is Personal Rx?

Personal Rx is a proactive youth-oriented pharmacy that that works with boarding schools across the United States. Their headquarters is strategically located in Wood Ridge, NJ which is in the heart of the pharmaceutical distribution network and neighbors to both FedEx and UPS delivery hubs. Personal Rx will fill orders for prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications, whether prescribed for daily or as-needed dispensing, and deliver them prior to need in personalized adherence packaging to include the child’s name, birth date, dosage, time of administration and description.

Why does The Governor’s Academy use Personal Rx?

The medication management program offered by Personal Rx provides enhanced safety for students, greater efficiency for health center staff, and increased convenience for parents. Information entered into Personal Rx will be auto-populated in student health records, making it available to the health center and thus improving the safety and accuracy of health information. This method reduces the potential for medication errors, and thus minimizes the time your child spends waiting in line for medications, allowing nurses to devote more time to other health center needs. 

How does Personal Rx help the parent?

Personal Rx simplifies medication management for the parent by contacting the child’s prescriber monthly and as needed to request prescription refills, ensuring delivery before the child needs their medication. This saves the parent from time-consuming calls to the doctor’s office and money on shipping costs. The method’s compliance with State and Federal laws should also provide reassurance to the parent relative to medication safety and accuracy. In addition, the integration of Personal Rx with Magnus Health means there is just a single sign-on granting access to pharmacy records. 

What are the associated costs?

There are no additional registration or shipping costs associated with the standard service provided by Personal Rx to The Governor’s Academy as prescription medication will be billed directly to your insurance company. Personal Rx is contracted with most insurance companies and the pharmacy will process your insurance and help with any questions or issues. Co-payments will be billed directly to you, as appropriate when prescriptions are filled. Parents will be responsible for the cost of any medication not covered by your insurance as well as other requested OTC items or additional services such as vacation deliveries, emergency orders, or packaging of preferred OTC items, such as vitamins. 

What medications are exempt from Personal Rx?

The Health Center provides several over-the-counter medications as well as stock prescription medications on an as-needed basis when appropriate per Standing Orders signed by the Director of the Health Center and Consulting Physician. The Authorization for Medication Administration form in Magnus outlines what medications may be permitted for self-administration. All other medications, with the exception of the following MUST BE ORDERED through Personal Rx:

1. Inhalers, Epipens, insulin, or other emergency medications*

*students may be allowed to arrive at school with their own supply of these medications, however it is strongly recommended that parents/guardians register with Personal Rx over the summer to ensure timely refills of these medications during the academic year in an effort to avoid a potentially dangerous lapse in medication coverage.

2. Growth hormone or compounded medications (per Personal Rx policy)

Where do you sign up?

When you indicate in Magnus in the Vital Health Record that your child takes a medication, a new window will automatically open on your screen and you will be entered into the Personal Rx system and they will walk you through the entire registration process. After you submit your registration, you will receive an email that asks for confirmation and provides assistance for completing and submitting the required documents. Please be sure to register as soon as possible to avoid late charges associated with expedited services. 

Thank you for understanding the importance of implementing this new program. If you have any questions, please call Personal Rx at (877) 230-6030. For more information about Personal Rx, please visit their website at

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