SAT and ACT Testing Accommodations Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request testing accommodations for my student?

Students requesting accommodations must submit supporting documents to the Academic Office or the Director of Learning Services. More information about the process can be found here.

If your child has accommodations beyond 'extended time', students must sign up for a test on campus during one of our listed dates. Off-site testing cannot provide additional accommodations. 

When should I begin the process of requesting accommodations for a standardized test?

Students and families must initiate the process at least eight weeks prior to the test, including initiating contact with Brigitta Allen at in the Learning Center.

Is the process to request testing accommodations the same for the ACT and the SAT?

No. The process is different for the ACT and the SAT.  Once a student is approved through the College Board (PSAT, SAT, APs), she or he is approved for all subsequent SAT examinations.

For the ACT, students must register for a specific test date and choose to take the test 'with accommodations'. This will generate an email to Learning Specialist Brigitta Allen who will approve the accommodations based on eligibility and documentation on file.

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