Standardized Testing

While standardized testing is an important dimension of most college admission processes, the College Counseling Office encourages Academy students to focus primarily on their classwork and extracurricular activities.

To help Academy juniors prepare for the SAT and/or the ACT, the Governor's College Counseling Office offers both an SAT and ACT diagnostic exam followed by one two-hour individualized tutorial session (for either the SAT or ACT) administered by test prep agency, ArborBridge (at no additional cost to students). 

Juniors are strongly encouraged to take both the SAT and ACT diagnostic exams, and to sit for their individualized tutorial session with ArborBridge. Then in consultation with their College Counselor, juniors should take at least one national SAT and one national ACT exam. Seniors typically sit for at least one national SAT or ACT in the fall.

In consultation with their College Counselor, students may also take an individual SAT or ACT diagnostic exam administered by ArborBridge. The CCO strongly recommends that juniors sit for the group diagnostic exams, which more closely simulate test taking conditions. However, students who need expedited diagnostic exam results, or who otherwise cannot sit for a group diagnostic, may take an individual SAT or ACT diagnostic exam. The ArborBridge registration form for both the SAT and ACT diagnostic exams can be found here

Potentially recruited athletes must often submit standardized test results to colleges earlier in their college search. Recruited athletes therefore, are encouraged to consult with their assigned College Counselor in considering their standardized testing timeline.

With the SAT and ACT diagnostic exams and national exam results- and in consultation with their College Counselor- juniors may opt for appropriate test prep (arranged independently) the summer before their senior year.

In context of their college admission goals, juniors are also often encouraged to take at least two SAT subject tests in June.

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