For more than four decades, students at The Governor’s Academy have had the opportunity to pursue a Senior Spring Term Project. Motivated by personal passions, intellectual curiosity, and commitment to the Govs community or places and institutions beyond Byfield, many seniors each year elect to put their ideas into action. 

Specifically, the Senior Spring Term Project program allows a motivated and committed senior to substitute a carefully designed project of his or her own choosing in place of part or all of the traditional academic program during the fourth quarter. Typically, successful applicants drop one academic course to work on a solo project. At the conclusion of the project, the students share their experiences with the school community during the SSTP Symposium on the final day of classes in May.

The application process includes the submission of a preliminary proposal in January and a final proposal in February. Throughout the process, students have an opportunity to consult with the faculty on the SSTP Committee, as well as their project advisor, to ensure they design a project that will lead to a successful and meaningful experience. Because successful completion of one’s SSTP is a graduation requirement, a key factor in gaining approval is for students to demonstrate their ability to work independently by fulfilling all of the application requirements and meeting the deadlines. Additionally, for each course dropped, students need to demonstrate that their projects are substantial enough to merit eight hours of work per week for seven weeks.


Recent projects:

  • To develop a website for Governor's students and prospective students about restaurants, shops, and excursions in Newburyport.
  • To design and build a remote control airplane.
  • To obtain an Advanced Open Water Diving Certificate and to make a video about the process and underwater exploration.
  • To rebuild a vintage sports car.
  • To devise a method of printmaking using gel electrophorese.
  • To create a Governor's athletics audio podcast that comes out twice a week and shares the results and highlights of recent games.
  • To learn how to harvest honey and teach that to the Bee Club. To compile a binder for the future Bee Club so they know how to maintain the hive and all the business aspects that go into it.
  • To design and produce a “Govs Life” book for the Office of Admission.
  • To write a 20-30 page chapter for her science fiction novel titled Invasion.
  • To create a documentary of the girls' varsity lacrosse team's community service trip to Costa Rica.
  • To create a graphic novel from an original story.


To view photos from the most recent Symposium, click here.


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