Student Laptop Initiative

The Academy recognizes the role of technology in student learning and the power of technological tools for discovery, communication, and presentation of knowledge. Laptops are not something new here at Governor’s; in fact more than 98% of our students already have them. With this initiative we seek to recognize that every student needs a laptop to successfully navigate our academic and co-curricular program. Below, we outline the basic device requirements, give a range of examples of software students will encounter, and provide answers to some basic questions.

What kinds of devices are acceptable?

If you already have a functioning laptop you do not need to purchase a new one just to meet the recommendations below. 

Windows Laptop
Storage (minimum): 128 GB
Memory (minimum): 4 GB
OS: Windows 10 (or higher) 
Battery life: 4 hours
Required Accessories: Headset/microphone, built-in webcam
Approximate cost: $700+

Windows Tablet
Storage (minimum): 128 GB
Memory (minimum): 4 GB
OS: Windows 10 (or higher)
Battery life: 4 hours
Required Accessories: Headset/microphone, built-in webcam
Approximate cost: $700+

Mac Laptop
Storage (minimum): 128 GB
Memory (minimum): 4 GB
OS: OS 10.7 or higher
Battery life: 4 hours
Required Accessories: Headset/microphone, built-in webcam
Approximate cost: $950+

Who is paying for the device?

Each family should select and purchase a device that meets the requirements listed above. Students who receive need-based financial aid and do not have a device that meets the requirements will be provided one for their tenure at the Academy.

Do I need a warranty?

We recommend an extended warranty and accidental damage protection.

Do I need any accessories?

We recommend a protective case or sleeve to provide additional protection for the device. Additionally, backpacks or messenger bags with built-in padding are recommended.

Students are often asked to give presentations in class or in other spaces on campus. It is recommended that students come with the appropriate VGA and or HDMI adapter for their device.

How will my student get support if something goes wrong?

Limited support is available from the Academy’s IT department. Students are welcome to drop in or schedule an appointment. The IT staff will do its best to help students with simple problems but will refer them out for major software issues and all hardware repairs. The Academy also has a student-run help desk staffed by the Tech Connectors that is accessible to students for basic support. The Tech Connectors will refer students to the IT Department if they are unable to solve the problem.

How will this device support my student’s academic program?

The Academy believes that technology is a tool central to teaching and learning. Looking closely at the Seven Essential Skills, we quickly find connections to a variety of technological tools, especially in the skills of collaboration, communication, and problem-solving.

Students will use their devices daily to communicate with teachers and peers via email, check their Veracross Portals for assignment updates, and create and organize content on the Google Drive platform.

Beyond the basics, students use software to achieve certain goals in a variety of places in our curriculum. Whether using LoggerPro to log and analyze data in Physics, conducting a simulation via Fathom or web applets in Statistics, using Google Docs for an in-class writing assignment in English, researching primary source documents in history, or creating and editing a weather forecast in Spanish, the students will use their devices across the curriculum.

Is there a list of required software?

The only required software is the Google Apps for Education suite, which is freely available to all of our students. We recommend antivirus/antimalware software on all computers. The Academy will supply any additional software needed for specific courses.

What other software might my student encounter at the Academy?

All of the software listed below is either free or provided by the Academy.

Logger Pro




App Inventor








Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Photoshop

Final Cut Pro

Google Apps

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Premiere

Microsoft Office



Pro Tools



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