Allies "Make Your Mark" Grant Program

The Make Your Mark Grant is offered by the Allies parent organization to Governor’s students, administered by the Allies and The Governor’s Academy. Its purpose is to promote student initiative and leadership by providing funding and connecting resources for campus-community enhancement projects. Intended outcomes are four-fold: support students in their desire to pursue an issue/opportunity of importance to them

  • encourage creativity, innovation, and self-determination in problem solving
  • improve the campus environment and/or community through specific project results
  • expand the leadership and management skills of student participants

Project Qualifications

 A qualifying project must:

  • utilize raw materials to create (build, grow, design) something greater than the sum of the raw materials.
    • i.e. YES a building wall + paints → a mural that depicts the history of Govs
    • i.e. NO a pinball machine → an activity for the Student Center
    • i.e. NO buying clothing for hurricane victims
    • i. e. NO walk/run/rock-a-thon for a cause
  • benefit the campus (either the physical facility, or the campus community) or its immediately surrounding area
    • i.e. YES building an interpretive nature trail on school grounds
    • i.e. YES writing computer software that connects Govs students to peer tutors
    • i.e. YES running a volleyball skills program for area kids
    • i.e. NO running a soccer clinic in Venezuela
  • be at least a year long initiative, including the planning and execution
  • be student-led with one or a few students taking the lead and responsibility for its completion
  • require no more than $500 in Allies grant funds
  • have a faculty advisor (although the advisor can be selected after the application is reviewed)

Additionally, consideration will be prioritized for projects that:

  • identify additional revenue sources-- including on campus fundraising (guidelines link)
  • have the potential to continue longer than one year, with a plan to transfer responsibility to new student leaders in subsequent years.

Who should apply:

  • applicants may be in Grade 9, 10, or 11 (applications completed in spring for following year)
  • individuals or small group

What does the grant offer:

  • up to $500 in grant funds
  • Allies grant manager who will be either
    • administrative-only, helping to get bills paid and report to Allies
    • OR, possibly, a parent with relevant expertise to be tapped as needed
  • liaison for securing Governor's Academy resources

Application Process

1. Conceive of project including general steps and resource needs

2. Complete application. To apply electronically through Google Forms, click here. To print out your application, click here.  To view an example application, click here.

3. Identify a faculty member to sign-off on application (this is not necessarily the faculty advisor who will oversee project)

4. Submit the application by April 1, 2016 either through Google Forms, or drop off in the Allies folder located in the Main Office

5. If considered, answer specific questions and meet with the Allies committee

6. If viable, complete a timeline and budget

7. If approved, meet with Allies committee before year-end to finalize plan


  • April 1: applications due
  • April 15: Allies' response
  • April 11 - April 22: interviews for projects considered
  • May 6: final plans due (detailed timeline, detailed budget)
  • May 13: Allies' decision
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