The Robotics Program is offered as a co-curricular activity within the After School Program. Students have the opportunity to apply their math, science, engineering, and programming skills to build a high-tech and versatile robot. Students with a passion for creative problem solving, an interest in applied science, and an eagerness to learn will find the Robotics program challenging, engaging and downright fun.

The Robotics Program offers the opportunity for students to work with the VEX EDR Robotics platform to design and build a completely unique robot. The students then learn and work with the RobotC programming language to control the robot via joystick and also to automate the robot's behavior. This is all done within the context of a yearly VEX EDR challenge game. 

This challenge game has a set arena and competition rules in which a robot must perform several tasks, usually involving the gathering and throwing of balls. This experience culminates in competitions where regional high school teams go against one another in the game arena and attempt to score the most points. For more information on the VEX EDR platform and this year's game challenge, please refer to the VEX EDR Website.

The atmosphere is relaxed but focused and students at all levels of building/programming proficiency are encouraged to participate. More important than a student's existing skills is their creativity, enthusiasm, and willingness to learn. All interested students should contact Mr. Soule, the program's coordinator. 

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