What is Robotics?

Robotics is the application of math, science, engineering, and programming principles in the designing and building of a task-specific drive.

Robotics at the Academy is offered as a fall Afternoon Program. Students meet five days a week after school in a lab setting under the guidance of Mr. Soule, Engineering, Physics, and Chemistry teacher at the Academy.

The robotics team’s main focus is to build a robot for the yearly VEX EDR robotics challenge. Competitions are held regionally and points are awarded for best designs, the most innovative ideas, and also based upon the results of competitions with other teams. Students must work together as a team as they delve into the world of engineering and computer science. Students learn to code in the computer programming language similar to C. Students also gain an understanding of basic circuit training. Teamwork is essential and students must learn how to effectively and efficiently communicate with each other.

They use the VEX EDR platform which includes sensors, a processor, and a joystick. Working in small groups, they learn engineering skills such as programming and basic mechanical systems. Additionally, Robotics provides a platform to cover valuable “real world” skills, such as working within time, budget, tool, and material constraints on a project.

The atmosphere is relaxed but focused and students at all levels of building/programming proficiency are encouraged to participate. More important than a student's existing skills is their creativity, enthusiasm, and willingness to learn. All interested students should contact Mr. Soule, the program's coordinator. 

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