Answers to Frequently Asked Questions from New Families

What items does a boarding student need to bring for his/her room?

  • Long single bed sheets and regular pillow cases (unless using the laundry service)
  • Comforter and/or blankets
  • Under-the-bed storage bins
  • Desk lamp
  • Desk supplies
  • Small floor rug (optional)
  • Posters (must be appropriate)
  • Hamper
  • Small bookcase (optional)
  • Flashlight
  • Small "mini-refrigerators" are permitted (though not required) in dorm rooms

To see what a typical boys and girls dorm room on campus looks like, click below: 

Girls' Dorm 

Boys' Dorm

There are several local stores where items can be purchased once students arrive: Kmart on Route 113 near the junction of I-95 in Newburyport; TJ-Maxx on Route 1 near Route 133 in Rowley; Marshall’s on Route 113 near I-95 in Newburyport; and WalMart at 270 Lafayette Road in Seabrook, NH.

Housing and roommate assignments for boarding students

Students receive their housing and roommate assignments in mid-August. New students, especially first - year students, will each receive a welcome note from their dormitory proctors sometime in August. Proctors are a good resource for new students who may have some questions prior to arrival.

What about academic questions and advisor assignments?

These questions can be answered by the Academic Office. Advisor assignments and class schedules will be included in the packet received at opening day registration.

What about calculators and computers?

The specific graphing calculator that the departments require is the Texas Instruments “TI-Nspire CX CAS”. Other calculators - whether produced by Texas Instruments or by another company - may not serve the student’s needs. In addition, the teacher will not be teaching with (or for that matter even familiar with) these other models. The school bookstore has the required calculators available for purchase. Students may use engraving tools in the Mathematics and Science Department offices to etch their names on calculator cases. We strongly urge each student to identify clearly his or her own calculator.

The Academy requires every student to come to school with a laptop computer that meets a minimum set of requirements. Students will not necessarily need their laptop in every class every day, but they will need to be able to bring it when requested by a teacher. For more details, please read about our system requirements and a FAQ about our BYOD program

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