Members of the Class of 2021 Inducted to the Cum Laude Society

Members of the Class of 2021 Inducted to the Cum Laude Society

In 1906, Dr. Abram Harris, Director of the Tome School in Port Deposit, Maryland, established a society, named the Cum Laude Society, to honor scholastic achievement in secondary schools.

The Governor's Academy Chapter of the Cum Laude Society was established in 1934 under the leadership of Edward Eames, the Academy’s head of school. During the Society’s 115-year existence, there has been no deviation from the original objective of the founder – namely, the recognition of superior scholarship.

To become eligible for membership, a student’s academic record must be of the highest quality. In addition, the student’s record of conduct within the Academy must be worthy of the honor of Cum Laude membership and reflect credit upon the chapter.

Listed below are the members of the 91st delegation to the Cum Laude Society from the Class of Two Thousand Twenty-One.

Ava Boghosian

Molly Bolland

Colin Bourque

Bimba Carpenter

Lauren Fraser

Alexander Hallstrom

Juneseek Kim

Hollen Knoell

Ava Kutner

Uyen (Ivy) Le

Rui (Leo) Lin

Grace MacDonald

Averill McCorkle

Bailey Nadeau

Caridad Nugent

Trevor Nugent

Emily Palmer

Jessica Quirk

Madison Quirk

Zhijian (Jack) Sun

Dani White

Jingchen (Lily) Zhao