Governor’s Students Win 85 Awards

Governor’s Students Win 85 Awards

Governor’s Students Win 85 Awards

In this year’s Scholastic Art & Writing Awards competition, 38 students won a total of 85 awards. This is an incredible achievement for our talented students.

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards program is the longest-running, most prestigious recognition program for creative high school students in the United States. Since 1923, the awards have recognized the vision, ingenuity, and talent of creative teenagers. Work is judged on originality, technical skill, and emergence of a personal voice or vision. The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are presented by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. To learn more, click here.

Scholastic Art Awards

Students won an impressive 60 art awards in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards competition this year! Govs artists earned 15 Gold Keys, 15 Silver Keys, and 30 Honorable Mentions. Especially impressive are the five awards that our students won for their portfolio work, which is considered the most advanced level of art in the competition. To view the award winning pieces, click here.

Charlotte Noonan’s ‘24 ceramics piece, “Take a Break”, won an honorable mention. She describes the collaborative process of creating her work. “I knew pretty early on that I wanted the lockbox to be functional in some way so my teacher, Ms. Fliegel, and I came up with the idea of adding hinges.” She adds, “I wanted the heart to be the highlighted aspect of my piece so I spent hours shaping it and comparing it to pictures and doing a lot of trial and error.”

For photography student Brian Zheng ‘24, who won many awards for his photographs, one photo in particular was personal. “He Will Come Home”, which received an honorable mention, was taken in Zheng’s hometown of Ningbo, China. Zheng describes the moment he saw an older man silently sitting, staring far away, “The vicissitude that plagued his face gave me a glimpse of what he had been through and what he was waiting for. I found his posture and facial expression deeply emotional. It reminded me of my senior friend who accompanied me during my childhood.”

Gold Keys

Natalie García ‘23 - Photography Portfolio

Judy Wang ‘23 - Art Portfolio

Brian Zheng ‘24 - (4) - Photography

Dong Xing ‘24 - (2) - Painting

Bear Brooks ‘23 - (2) - Photography

Miffy Wang ‘24 - (2) - Photography

Judy Wang ‘23 - Painting

Lilly Baumfeld ‘23 - Photography

Leo Liu ‘25 - Photography

Silver Keys

Bear Brooks ‘23 - (2) - Photography

Dong Xing ‘24 - (2) - Painting

Natalie García ‘23 - (2) - Photography

Leo Liu ‘25 - Digital Art

Natalix Colon ‘24- Photography

MingGe Daley ‘23 - Photography

Amanda Hanrahan ‘24 - Photography

Andy Jiang ‘24 - Photography

Lily Kolm ‘24 - Photography

Madeline McCormick ‘23 - Photography

Miffy Wang ‘24 - Photography

Brian Zheng ‘24 - Photography

Honorable Mentions

Tianyi Shen ‘23 - Ceramics Portfolio

Amalka Stuck ‘23 - Art Portfolio

Bear Brooks ‘23 - Photography Portfolio

Brian Zheng ‘24 - (4) - Photography

Judy Wang ‘23 - (3) Painting, Drawing & Illustration

Miffy Wang ‘24 - (3) - Photography

Dong Xing ‘24 - (2) - Painting

Tianyi Shen ‘23 - Sculpture

Lilly Baumfeld ‘23 - Photography

Mei-Ling Bielagus ‘25- Photography

Bear Brooks ‘23 - Photography

Sophie Lazay ‘25 - Ceramics

Charlotte Noonan ‘24 - Ceramics

Victoria Liu ‘24 - Drawing & Illustration

Sofia Colden ‘23 - Photography

Matthew Collina ‘24 - Photography

MingGe Daley ‘23 - Photography

Natalie García ‘23 - Photography

Eliza Gibbs ‘24 - Photography

Andy Jiang ‘24 - Photography

Nate Lynch ‘25 - Photography

Gabrielle Maher ‘25 - Photography


Scholastic Writing Awards

The Scholastic Writing Awards were also announced, and 16 students earned a total of 25 awards. Recognition on any of the levels represents a significant achievement in this very competitive contest.

To read Gold Key winner Albert Niu’s ‘23 poem “Interview Fantastique”, click here.

To read Silver Key winner Krishna Balasubramanian's ‘26 flash fiction story "Pariah Dog", click here.

Gold Keys

Bill Chan ‘23, Personal Essay "Veteran"

Aby Joyner ‘24, Poetry "The Inevitable Path of She"

Albert Niu ‘23, Poetry "Interview Fantastique"

Maggie Zhou ‘25, Short Story "ETA"

Silver Keys

Krishna Balasubramanian ‘26, Flash Fiction "Pariah Dog"

Andy Jiang ‘24, Critical Essay "Is Bitcoin a Blessing or a Curse"

Jinru Li ‘24, Critical Essay "Throughline Comparison of... "

Albert Niu ‘23, Personal Essay "Seeing Things"

Libby Pottle ‘23, Personal Essay "Kosmos Undressed"

Tianyi Shen ‘23, Memoir "Time"

Judy Wang ‘23, Memoir "Circadian"

Fiona Xu, Poetry "Of Toni Morrison's Home. . . "

Fiona Xu ‘24, Flash Fiction "The Lawn"

Jason Zhu ‘24, Personal Essay "My Grandpa, My Mom, and I"

Honorable Mention

Lilly Baumfeld ‘23, Poetry "Standard Deviation"

Lilly Baumfeld ‘23, Personal Essay "Liminals"

Jerry Fang ‘23, Poetry "Ecstasy"

Natalie García ‘23, Personal Essay "Organism"

Jinru Li ‘24, Critical Essay "Is Bitcoin a Blessing or a Curse"

Nyati Misra ‘23, Personal Essay "An American Nightmare"

Tianyi Shen ‘23, Poetry "Inheritance"

Tianyi Shen ‘23, Poetry "Migration"

Elina Zhang ‘24, Personal Essay "An Account of Numbers"

Elina Zhang ‘24, Personal Essay "L for Loving, L for Losing"

Elina Zhang ‘24, Poetry "Aijia"