The Governor's Fund: July 1 – June 30

More than 1,800 alumni, students, parents, grandparents, faculty, staff, and friends made gifts to The Governor's Academy last year. Many donors support the school as a means of giving back to a place that has given them so much. Others wish to honor a beloved faculty member, celebrate a milestone, or invest in the Academy's promising future.

Whatever the reason, every gift makes a difference. Gifts to The Governor’s Fund reach all corners of our campus and support nearly every aspect of daily life in this community. Your philanthropy benefits faculty, financial aid, academic programs, the arts, athletics, community service, student leadership, and maintaining and improving our beautiful, historic campus. Increasingly, these gifts provide the critical funds necessary to attract bright, talented, and ambitious young people who will thrive here and become leaders in a rapidly changing world. They, like those who came before them, are worthy of our investment.

Your annual gift helps underwrite ten percent of the Academy’s annual operating budget. It allows us to create and develop distinctive programs like Catalyst Summer Internships, the Visiting Professional Seminar Series, and the organic garden. Gifts of every size are important and go to work immediately in the current school year.


The Governor’s Fund directly supports nearly every aspect of the transformative experience that makes the Academy so remarkable:

  • Financial Aid 
  • Academics 
  • Arts and Athletics 
  • Faculty and Student Life
  • Diversity and Inclusion 
  • Technology in the Classroom