Sports Medicine

Our Sports Medicine department is staffed with two certified and licensed full-time athletic trainers and supported by student athletic training interns from the University of New Hampshire and Salem State University. From acute care to chronic injuries to post-surgical rehabilitation, our Sports Medicine department offers incredible care for our athletes. Injury prevention, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation are a large part of what we do. Our athletic trainers are available in the Field House to all students during Afternoon Program practices and are in attendance at all home games. We are associated with the Sports Medicine Department at Boston Children’s Hospital and have been identified as a National Athletic Training Association Safe School based on the protocols and procedures used to ensure the health and welfare of our athletes.


Established in September 2018 with the generous gift of an alumnus, the Governor's Strength & Conditioning Program benefits teams, students, faculty, and staff. 

Our program is overseen by Pat Gigante, owner of XP Athletic Performance. For nearly 20 years, Pat has been preparing athletes to compete at all levels of competition and sports throughout the country. He works with athletes to develop and educate them to reach their full potential. These skills include postural analysis, flexibility routines, exercise importance, rehabilitation, and soft tissue manipulation, which all help aid in injury prevention. He works with athletes on both their physical and mental attributes, as each contributes to performance outcomes.

On a daily basis, Nicco Riparo works directly with our athletes on customized strength training programs to optimize their athletic performance goals. Nicco is a graduate of Merrimack College receiving both his Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees in Exercise and Sport Science. Training programs are specified towards sport-specific goals and bodily imbalances to reduce injury risk and improve strength. Accompanying strength training, Nicco works with students to develop proper movement and speed mechanics to enhance their performance potential. Nicco also works in coordination with Governor's athletic trainers during injury rehabilitation to return the athlete back to play as quickly and safely as possible.