Visual Art

Our robust selection of courses in visual art include architecture, ceramics, film, lighting and sound, photography, carpentry for theatre, and studio art. You can take a deeper dive into the art of storytelling through film, discover the finer points of lighting and sound for theatre, or transform a white canvas into an award-winning painting.

Visual Arts Courses

Carpentry for the Theater
Advanced Carpentry for the Theater
Lighting & Sound
Ceramics I
Ceramics II: Building & Beyond
AP Clay & 3-D
3-D Design  
3-D Experimentation/Mixed Media
History of Cinema
Advanced Film & Animation
Honors Research Seminar in Documentary Filmmaking
Photo I
Photo II
AP Photography
Introductory Studio Art
Intermediate Studio Art
AP Studio Art
Independent Study in Visual Arts

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Award Winning Artists

Twenty-three Governor's art students won a total of thirty Scholastic Art Awards in 2019. Award winners won: eight Gold Keys, six Silver Keys, and sixteen Honorable Mentions. Four of these awards were for portfolio work, which is considered the most advanced level of art in the competition.

Of those winners, Colin ‘21 earned the highest award given out to a high school artist, the Scholastic Art National Medal, for his photography portfolio, Horizon Study.