Admissions to The Governor's Academy in Byfield, MA

The Governor’s Academy inspires and engages inquisitive students in ninth through twelfth grade on our expansive campus near a classic New England coastal town. Students have been learning and growing at Govs, the oldest boarding school in New England, for over 250 years.

Govs attracts bright, bold, and ambitious students who want to go places in life. We are an open, optimistic learning community filled with life-changing opportunities. Surrounded by friends and teachers who know, support, and celebrate your individuality, you can discover and develop your passions. You can gain the courage and confidence to choose your own trajectory, and you can unlock your limitless potential and achieve excellence.

The depth of knowledge and breadth of experiences you find here—and the friends you meet here—will help you go further than you ever thought possible.

Breakdown of GOVernor'S Students

  • 65% board and 35% are day students

  • 14% identify as international students

  • 19% identify as domestic students of color
  • 28% receive financial aid


If The Governor's Academy sounds like a place where you could see yourself, your first step is to fill out our inquiry form. After you have completed our online questionnaire, you will receive an email with a link to our Admission Portal and your user name. If you have a domestic mailing address, keep an eye out for a viewbook in your mailbox. If you have an international mailing address, you will receive a link to our digital viewbook.


Call 978.499.3120 to schedule an interview.

Meet the Team

Tracey MacCormack

Assistant to the Dean of Enrollment; Admission Office Manager

Christine Mulvey

Administrative Assistant, Office of Admission
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average class size

Mike Kinnealey

Assistant Head of School; Interim Dean of Enrollment

What I appreciate about Governor's is that it is the same school for a student from an opening conversation about one's next school to the moment the senior jumps the wall. We encourage discovery and change for each student, and we provide a positive, optimistic environment within which that can happen.

Our Assistant Head of School and Interim Dean of Enrollment Mike Kinnealey has been at Governor's for more than a decade. He also works with students in the afternoon program as the assistant coach of the varsity baseball team after being head coach for many years.