Curriculum at The Governor’s Academy in MA

The Governor's Academy offers a rigorous prep school curriculum that fosters creativity, critical thinking, personal growth, and more. We believe that the Seven Essential Skills are crucial to success in life. That’s why they form the foundation for all of our co-curricular work, in the classroom, in the afternoon program, and in the dorm. Long after students have forgotten a trig function or the components of the cell or the proper footnote format, they will have the problem-solving skills and the character to be positive and productive members of their communities beyond our Byfield campus.

Graduation requirements include academic coursework balanced with an afternoon program devoted to the arts, athletics, and community service. Read more about each of our academic departments and required courses below.

Graduation requirements include academic coursework balanced with an Afternoon Program devoted to the arts, athletics, and community service.

The Arts

Introduction to the Fine Arts in the ninth grade and one additional arts credit (either a year-long course or two semester-long courses)


An English course every semester


Two years of history or social science, including U.S. History


Three years (through level 3) of one language


Three years of mathematics courses, including geometry and algebra


Three years of sciencetwo of which must be year-long courses, including at least one biological science and one physical scienceand Life Skills in the sophomore year


All students must research and write a historical research paper of at least 2,500 words. Typically, that project is done in a student’s U.S. History course.


All ninth graders must take six courses—one in each of the departments. In their sophomore, junior, and senior years, students must take at least five major courses.

Please contact Academic Dean Karen Gold at 978.499.3147 with questions.


With guidance from their faculty advisors, students choose from more than 125 coursesincluding honors, advanced, and AP levelsin six academic departments: English, mathematics, science, history, language, and the arts. There are specific graduation requirements in each of the departments because we encourage students to branch out in their intellectual, artistic, and personal development.

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