alumni snapshots

From unique classroom and research experiences in college, to innovative projects and professional endeavors after college graduation, Govs grads are taking the lead in the most creative, meaningful ways. 

Beyond the colleges they choose to attend, Govs grads understand that their leadership and initiative are at the center of their success. The alumni profiles below offer a glimpse of the opportunities our graduates pursue in college as well as the professional experiences they create and discover as young professionals after college graduation.

Kaitlin Alimenti '18

Hometown: Beverly, Massachusetts
Education:  Northeastern University Class of ‘22
Major/areas of study: Bachelor of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology 
Occupation: PhD Student in Genetics and Genomics at Boston University

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Katy Maina '15

Hometown: West Newbury, Massachusetts
Education: University of Southern California Class of 2019, Cornell University Class of 2023
Major/areas of study: BS in Neuroscience from USC, Project Management Certificate from Cornell University
Occupation: Project Manager, Brain Aging and Dementia Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital

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Charles Odei '14

Hometown: Jersey City, New Jersey
Education: Santa Clara University 2018
Major/areas of study: Bachelor of Science in Economics
Graduate School: Harvard Business School, Master of Business Administration Candidate (May 2024)

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Nick Moore '16

Hometown: Georgetown, MA

My research experiences at Macalester informed my interests in physics and environmental science and influenced my path into the renewable energy sector... 

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Yuqi (Holly) Zheng ‘18

Hometown: Beijing, China

Before college, I really had little knowledge of computer science, and I was somewhat intimidated by it. Thankfully, the introductory computer science courses at my college made the field very approachable for beginners, so I took those classes to give them a try...

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Erin Daly '17

Hometown: North Andover, MA

It is more than okay not to know what you want to do and to take some time to figure it out when you arrive at college. I certainly wasn’t sure what interested me, and it took some trial and error to determine my academic path...

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