Nick Moore '16

Hometown: Georgetown, MA
Education: Macalester College Class of ‘22
Major/areas of study: Physics and Environmental Studies 
Occupation: Commercial Solar Project Manager for ACE Solar in North Andover, MA

Did you complete a classroom or research experience in college that was important or meaningful to you? 
While at Macalester, I had multiple research positions associated with my physics major. My capstone project, for example, was based on research completed at Macalester with my academic advisor, which examined how wind, solar, nuclear, and battery power could potentially meet all the Midwest's energy requirements. My research experiences at Macalester informed my interests in physics and environmental science and influenced my path into the renewable energy sector. Equally important, it showed me that I do not want to continue exclusively with lab work after college. 

Is there anything that surprised you about your college experience?
During my college search, Macalester was the only school on my list that was not in New England or New York. Despite really liking everything about the college itself, I was still hesitant to commit to going halfway across the country. But looking back, I never could have imagined the range of backgrounds of the people I now call my friends.