Kaitlin Alimenti '18

Hometown: Beverly, Massachusetts
Education: Northeastern University Class of ‘22
Major/areas of study: Bachelor of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology 
Occupation: PhD Student in Genetics and Genomics at Boston University

Did you complete a classroom or research experience in college that was important or meaningful to you? 
During my first two years of college, I worked as a research assistant in a psychology lab, studying the use of intuitive thinking in Biology curriculum at the high school and collegiate level. In my junior year, I completed my first 6-month internship at Mass General Hospital’s Genomic Research Center as a research coordinator in the Saxena Lab. My primary role was overseeing a clinical study evaluating the effects of melatonin levels on insulin resistance. My second and final 6-month internship was at a small biotechnology start-up in Cambridge, Tango Therapeutics. These experiences each played a crucial role in shifting my post-graduation plan from medical school to pursing a PhD in Genetics/Genomics. I realized I would much rather be in a research setting, working to solve problems and answer the unknown.

Did you complete an internship, work, study abroad, or service experience especially important or meaningful to you? 
As part of the “NU in” program at Northeastern, I studied at the American College of Thessaloniki during my first semester. Studying in Greece allowed me to travel extensively throughout Europe and become immersed in Greek culture. My time abroad pushed me well out of my comfort zone and strengthened my problem-solving ability. This skill translates to my everyday life as a scientist, where I constantly have to think creatively and stay resilient.