the governor's academy graduate erin daly

Hometown: North Andover, MA
Education: University of Michigan, Class of 2021, Merrimack College, Class of 2022
Major/areas of study: Undergraduate Major in Political Science, Minor in Statistics, Master’s in Data Science
Occupation: Credit Risk Analyst, State Street Bank

Did you complete a classroom or research experience in college that was especially important or meaningful to you?
The Capstone Project I completed for my Master's Degree in Data Science was significant. During this semester-long project, I researched securities class action litigations and examined various real-world companies and the financial data published by these companies to create predictive models to identify the likelihood and monetary impact of a shareholder class action litigation. Using the predictive model, I identified the proper insurance coverage needed for a given company. This was a great experience to bring into my role as a credit risk analyst at State Street Bank in Boston.

Did you complete an internship, work, study abroad, or service experience that was especially important?
I was involved in a few clubs in college, such as TeamImpact, and volunteer work at the Veterans Affairs Hospital while I attended the University of Michigan. I was also on three boards for student government as a liaison for the student-athletes. But most notable was my internship with State Street Bank & Trust the summer going into my senior year, which led to my current full-time role. While my internship paved the way for my current job at State Street, each of the experiences I had influenced my ability to transition into the workforce after college.

Do you have any advice for first-year college students?
It is more than okay not to know what you want to do and to take some time to figure it out when you arrive at college. I certainly wasn’t sure what interested me, and it took some trial and error to determine my academic path! My best advice is to get involved early on because you might find something you are passionate about and eliminate things. Like Govs, your college years will fly by, so getting involved early will expand your connections and help you figure out areas of genuine interest.