Advising & Academic Support

We prepare students to be lifelong learners. We encourage them to challenge themselves and embrace the rigors of our academic program. We are careful to place students in classes for which they are prepared to succeed, knowing that true successes are never easily achieved. We mean to challenge students, and we celebrate their successes.


At Govs, learning is respected by students and teachers alike. Teachers work with students outside of class, and students seek help on assignments from other students, including trained peer tutors. Staffed throughout the day and evening study hall, our Learning Center and the Writing Center are welcoming and much used. You'll never feel alone in your quest to learn.

We teach students to advocate for themselves in the classroom and take advantage of extra help sessions and academic support. In fact, our strongest students are often the ones who spend the most time at the Learning Center, who bring their papers for workshopping with a teacher in the Writing Center, or request a peer tutor. Govs peer tutors not only excel in their subjects—they develop teaching techniques as they work with their peers.

Located on the second floor of the library, the Learning Center provides academic support to Govs students at their request or the request of their advisor, parents, or teachers. Brigitta Allen, Director of the Learning Center and Non-standard Testing Coordinator, develops learning plans for students, is a resource to the faculty who staff the Learning Center at night, and manages testing for students with accommodations. Make an appointment or just stop by—there is always someone to help you.


Every student has a faculty advisor. Advisors meet with their students every Friday morning, but the support students receive from their advisors is not bound by a weekly meeting time or limited to academics. In the words of Govs students, advisors here are “friendly, fun, and helpful.” They “guide you along your path and help you to grow as a student and individual.” And they are “someone to talk with about anything you want.”