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teacher helping a student at the governor's academy in byfield ma
Eddie Carson- Dean of Multicultural Education

Black History Month, celebrated during the month of February in the United States, holds significant importance as it serves as a dedicated period to highlight and celebrate African Americans' profound contributions, achievements, and resilience throughout history. This observance emerged in response to the historic neglect of Black voices and narratives in mainstream education and public discourse.

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teacher stands talking to a smiling student
Claudia Asano Barcomb, Director of Afternoon Programs & Athletics

Your child has been successful on the field, rink, track, court, or course at Governor’s and is now thinking about if and where they might compete in college. Is a large NCAA Division I university or a small NCAA Division III college or something in between the right fit for their athletic and academic aspirations?

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head of school plays pool with students at the governor's academy
Head Of School Peter H. Quimby, Ph.D. '85 P'14

While I associate the words “Happy New Year” at least as much with the beginning of September as with the first of January, the start of a new calendar year provides us with an opportunity to see things through a new lens, and perhaps to refocus our attention on those things that matter most to us–on those things that are essential. As 2024 begins for me, I find myself reflecting on the house that my wife and I reside in on campus.

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A Vital Revenue Source
Leslie Dickey, Director of Advancement

With December upon us, the holiday season is well underway. At The Governor’s Academy, students have decorated their dorms, enjoyed the first dusting of snow, and are looking forward to winter festivities during their final weekend on campus before the winter break.

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Governor's Field House and Sager Bowl
Mike Kinnealey, Assistant Head of School

In 1723, Massachusetts Bay Colony Governor William Dummer, declared November 28 a day of Thanksgiving for the colony. While the fall holiday tradition preceded William Dummer’s decree, and Abraham Lincoln’s setting of a date—the last Thursday in November—came 140 years later, it is noteworthy that the founder of our school is recognized for this document 300 years ago next week.

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AI: Friend or Foe to High School Students?
Aaron Mandel- Director of Information Technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next disruptive technology for education. It will require schools to be more thoughtful and creative in designing assessments and structuring learning. It may also help us do our jobs as educators. AI tools are already being used for everything from grading essays to providing personalized learning experiences.

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students and teacher at the governor's academy conduct scientific research in nearby marsh
Erika Mitkus- Director of the Bass Institute & Science Faculty

The first day of classes is always an exciting time for a school, but this year, opening days at The Governor’s Academy were even more significant. For the first time, our students arrived for classes at the Bill ’67 and Peter ’71 Alfond Coastal Research Center. As I greeted them in the lobby, I saw students nudge their friends and say with awe, “This is amazing!” and “Wow, look at all the tanks!”

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head of school chats with students playing cards with snacks at the governor's academy private high school in byfield ma
Head of School Peter H. Quimby, Ph.D. '85 P'14

Over the years, business people have sometimes asked me whether I thought the future of boarding schools would be threatened by advances in technology. They wondered whether boarding schools would be necessary when students could simply go online and access content from great teachers from the comfort of their own homes.

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two students sit at picnic table talking outside pescosolido library at the governor's academy in byfield ma
Joe Coletta- Director of College Counseling

From the post-pandemic test optional movement, to the re-engineered FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), to increasingly inflated college applicant pools, today's college admissions process is often defined by change. Perhaps the most significant recent shift centers on the Supreme Court’s ruling last June against Harvard University and UNC-Chapel Hill, essentially ending Affirmative Action within the college admissions process.

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Applying the Goldilocks Principle to Your High School Search
Sarah Powers - Dean of Enrollment

The beginning of the high school search is both exciting and daunting for a family. The choices available to your child can span the entire country and websites tout engaging classes, signature programs, championship athletic teams, fascinating art electives, and interesting student clubs. So, where to begin? Just like Goldilocks, I encourage you to spend time considering all options to help build a list of “just right” schools. Here are some questions to start.

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Getting Off on the Right Foot Academically
Karen Gold - Academic Dean & English Teacher

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Boarding school campuses are buzzing with students returning to campus—moving into the dorm rooms, participating in preseason athletics, and eagerly awaiting the first day of the new academic year. Whether your student is new to the school or already has a year or two under their belt, you might be thinking about how to get the year off to the best start. Here are a few ideas:

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