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Claudia Barcomb, Director of Afternoon Programs & Athletics


Why participation in the afternoon program matters

At The Governor’s Academy, education extends far beyond the classroom. In the Afternoon Program, students have the opportunity to explore their interests through a diverse array of activities, including interscholastic athletics, the arts, recreational sports, and community service. This program is a cornerstone of the Academy’s educational philosophy, emphasizing the importance of developing well-rounded people who have life skills in addition to academic achievement. 

Offering more than just extracurricular activities. The Afternoon Program is an essential component of a complete independent school education. By offering a wide range of activities, Govs ensures that students can find something that genuinely piques their interest. Whether it's joining a competitive sports team, delving into the arts, engaging in recreational sports, or dedicating time to community service, there is a place for every student to explore their passions.

Developing well-rounded people. While academics are undoubtedly crucial, they are only one piece of the puzzle. The Afternoon Program nurtures qualities like perseverance, teamwork, and leadership, which are integral to leading a meaningful and fulfilling life. These are virtues that students can carry with them far beyond their time at Govs.

Collaborating with peers. Teamwork is a central aspect of the program. Students come together to achieve common goals each season, whether that's winning a game, creating a work of art, or making a difference in their community through service projects. This collaborative spirit not only promotes personal growth but also fosters a sense of belonging and community at Govs.

Having fun. When students engage in activities they are passionate about, it doesn't feel like work – it's enjoyable, fulfilling, and a break from the academic rigor. This enjoyment and satisfaction are essential for maintaining a healthy balance in life. It allows students to recharge and return to their academic pursuits with renewed vigor.

Leading healthy lives. Adolescents need the opportunity to exercise their brains and bodies in different ways. Taking two hours every afternoon after classes to run, build, write, play, dance, or sing promotes a healthy lifestyle. It also sets an example for students as they transition into their young adult lives.

Exploring new and old passions. Participating in a diverse range of activities is also an effective way to broaden one's horizons. It exposes students to the richness of human experiences and helps them appreciate the diversity of interests and talents in the world. This exposure can lead to the development of empathy, understanding, and open-mindedness, qualities that are invaluable in today's global society.

In summary, the Afternoon Program at The Governor’s Academy plays a vital role in nurturing well-rounded adolescents. This is why we require students to participate in all three seasons of each school year. Each season of the Afternoon Program offers a diverse range of activities, promotes teamwork and leadership, and encourages personal growth. It provides a break from the academic grind and helps students appreciate the richness of human experiences. It also instills a sense of responsibility and the desire to give back to the community. In essence, it equips our students with the skills, virtues, and experiences necessary to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, and that is what education at Govs is all about.  

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Author: Claudia Barcomb, Director of Afternoon Programs & Athletics

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