Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

With over 400 students from all over the world, the assortment of places from which our students come does not tell the full story of diversity at Govs.

We strive to create a diverse community that is reflective of the world that our students will go on to live in; one with differences of gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, political viewpoints, religion, and cultural background. As part of our Seven Essential Skills, Govs students learn to understand their roles in the large community and act within a moral and ethical framework, which includes finding and using their voices to share their beliefs and what is important to them. We work hard to create and sustain an inclusive community at all times and in all places— in the classroom, on the stage, on the field, in the dorm, and in the dining hall.

Every Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we step away from classes and gather as a community to reflect together. 

adopted in June 2012 by the full faculty

At The Governor’s Academy, we welcome individuals who embrace difference. We believe that our personal experiences are the threads that define and connect us, and we foster a climate of appreciation in which each person’s story can weave itself into the evolving fabric of our community. Recognizing that diversity is an ongoing commitment, we purposefully reexamine our behaviors and beliefs to create community.

In the past three years, ten faculty members have attended the Diversity Directions Independent School Seminar. The week-long seminar is designed to help schools develop a common language and strategic methods to examine and address the personal, interpersonal, and institutional factors that can advance or impede a school’s inclusion initiative. For students, we boast a global education program, including formal exchange partnerships with schools in Germany and China, and with the Navajo Preparatory School in Arizona.

Our Student Diversity Steering Committee is intended to be the driving force behind diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives at Govs. Students who serve on this committee: 

  • Advocate for initiatives and programs that advance the school toward its vision
  • Suggest modifications based on feedback
  • Participate in facilitation training on a wide array of diversity initiatives
  • Engage the student community in the areas of equity and inclusion

Our Diversity Steering Committee works collaboratively to advance, advocate, and support the Dean of Multicultural Education. The committee makes recommendations to address current initiatives and policies toward promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion by:

  • Evaluating current practices and trends regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion policies 
  • Promoting programs that encourage students, faculty, and staff to explore their identity, but also the identities of others
  • Providing professional development opportunities for faculty and staff
  • Assessing community growth from the 2012 climate survey

Meet the Team

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Monica Kirschmann

Monica Kirschmann
English Teacher; Student Diversity Coordinator

Jade Qian

Jade Qian
Language Teacher; International Student Coordinator


Dr. Whitney Battle-Baptiste 
Professor of Anthropology at UMASS, Amherst 

Professors Jennifer Kirsch and Shamus Khan
College professors and co-authors of Sexual Citizens

Sylvia Swayne
Transgender rights activist & educator

Arno Michaelis 
Author of My Life After Hate

Reverend Sharon Risher 
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Keynote Speaker

Alex Myers
"American Masculinity"
Teacher, speaker, writer, and advocate for transgender rights