COVID-19 Updates

Since the pandemic began in March 2020, Governor’s has operated under two primary values: protecting the health of all members of our community and providing our students with the finest possible educational experience. This year, we plan to have as normal a start to the school year as possible including in-person classes and afternoon programs, dorms open at full capacity, and community-building activities throughout the week. 




Visitors to our Campus:

We welcome visitors to our campus, but to ensure the health and safety of our campus community, we ask visitors to follow these steps:

1. Schedule an appointment or a specific time to visit a faculty member, staff member, or student. 
2. Complete our Visitor Attestation Form prior to coming to our campus (link below). All visitors are expected to refrain from visiting campus when experiencing any symptoms associated with COVID-19 as described by the CDC.
3. When indoors, wear a mask and practice social distancing (remain 3 feet or more apart from any other individual). When outdoors, wear a mask or practice social distancing. If you do not have a mask, we can provide one to you.

Visitor Attestation Form 

Campus Community

Governor's requires that all students and employees are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Our plans for the 2021-2022 school year reflect the guidance and regulations offered by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the CDC as well our own determinations about the health and safety of our community.

Frequently Asked Questions