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Join Us in Fighting COVID-19

PPE that protects doctors, nurses, firefighters, nursing home staff, and EMTs from COVID-19 is in short supply. 

We are making face shields and mask strain-relief straps (ear savers) to provide healthcare professionals with the protective gear that they need to stay safe and comfortable.

In a perfect storm of inspiration, Governor’s science teachers Jamie Brandt and Marcus Soule got interested in putting the Govs resources to work fighting COVID-19. Jamie had watched a Smarter Every Day Video, prompting him to contact Marcus, who was laser cutting ear savers for medical professionals. The results of those conversations, and some discussion with both Sarah Leadbeater at Newburyport High School and MakeItLabs in Nashua, New Hampshire, both of whom had organized efforts already, lead them to the point of fabricating face shields using 3D printers and ear savers with the school laser cutter. Then came the next step of setting up a space on campus to serve as the central location of printing, cutting, and collecting materials to fight COVID-19 on the North Shore.

Since then, Govs has been running 3D printers and laser cutters 24 hours a day. In a short time, they have supplied materials to Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), Nevins Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Methuen, Massachusetts, Osceola Regional Health Center in Sibley, Iowa, Essex County Correctional Facility, Project Home Healthcare Services Philadelphia, Dr. Chris White, Chiropractor, Atlantic Orthopedics & Sports Med, Portsmouth, Newbury Fire Department, DrumHill Pediatrics, Chelmsford, Lowell General Hospital Nursery, Lahey Health Burlington, MA, Country Center for Health and Rehabilitation, Whittier Health, and Lawrence General Hospital.

How Can You Help?

Use your own equipment

If you have a 3D printer, you can print masks at home. Just click the button below.

If you are a business owner with 3D printing, laser cutting, or injection molding capabilities, please click the button below.


Volunteer your time

We need volunteers to help with:

  • Mask assembly
  • Mask distribution


Donate materials

We are most in need of:

  • Spools of PLA and PETG Printing material (1.75 mm diameter)
  • Non-latex elastic bands
  • 1/2" diameter 3/8" thick polyethylene foam pipe insulation


Request face shields and ear savers

Are you a healthcare professional or a healthcare organization representative with a need for face shields or ear savers?


Face Shield


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