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Gracie '25

Govs has prepared me to embrace the future with confidence and determination. It's a place where I've not only discovered my passions but also found a supportive and nurturing environment to pursue them. Whether in academics or athletics, I've witnessed firsthand how the people at Govs go above and beyond to make it special. While playing sports, I've learned the importance of teamwork, dedication, and perseverance. The camaraderie I've formed on the field has shaped me into a better athlete and a stronger individual.

Gracie '25 is a boarding student at Govs. A very talented tri-season athlete, she plays on the varsity soccer, basketball, and lacrosse teams. When Gracie arrived at Govs, she was very interested in the sciences and through thought-provoking discussions, challenging experiments, and engaging projects, teachers here have nurtured her passion for scientific exploration. After she took a photography class, that blossomed into a newfound interest for her. She is involved in a variety of clubs, noting that it’s a great way to learn about different subjects and interests with like-minded people.


  • Wilmington, MA
Faith Kagwa

The first time I arrived on this campus it was evident how connected and caring this community is. We see this in the every day interactions between students to students, adults to adults, and students to adults. Our dorms are truly the homes away from home for our boarding students. It's the place they can rest, laugh, and rejuvenate for their days. I am thrilled to be able to help build intentional communities within all our dorms with the support of incredible student proctors and dedicated dorm parents. 

Faith oversees all aspects of the residential life program at Govs in her role as Associate Dean of Students & Director of Residential Life. In addition, she serves as an advisor and the junior and senior class deans. Faith lives on campus with her family.

  • Associate Dean of Students & Director of Residential Life
Mike Delay P'23, '25

In my past twenty-two years at Governors, one thing has remained central to my Academy experience; supporting, knowing, and guiding students. Building relationships with students in all areas of school life allows many important positive core values to be instilled...and permeate beyond graduation. These relationships are not limited to just the faculty/student relationship, but they extend also to faculty families and staff. There are so many people rooting for and cheering on the academic and personal growth of our students.

Mike teaches history, coaches JV football in the fall, and is the assistant coach of varsity boys ice hockey in the winter. He spent years as the Assistant Dean of Students in the Dean's Office before returning full time to the classroom. He is the dorm associate in Farmhouse and he lives on campus with his wife, two daughters (both Govs students), and black lab "Buddy". In addition to enjoying time with students in the classroom, dorm, and athletic fields/rink, he loves to keep up with former students and athletes' accomplishments post-Byfield. Mike calls working with a student during their very first year at Governor’s and then reconnecting during their college years, at their wedding, and meeting their own children is unique and quite special to the Governor's community. When he's not on campus coaching, teaching, or in the dorm, he enjoys golfing, fishing, running, and spending time with his family.



  • History Teacher
Jana '23

Music has always been my passion and an integral aspect of my life. In practicing the viola, I’ve learned to organize my ever-busy mind and focus, finding ways to express myself to the fullest beyond what words could possibly describe. For years, however, these notes didn’t travel far. But at Govs, given the opportunities and surrounded by those who are always willing to support me, I’ve learned to willingly step outside of my comfortable practice room to share my music with others — with the world.

Jana ’23 is a boarding student at Govs. From struggling to translate the works of Roman historian Suetonius to playing Settlers of Catan, she enjoys all the opportunities and challenges that the school offers both in and out of the academic setting. Among other things she is involved in, she is a co-leader of Philoso-tea, the school’s very own philosophy club, and the International Student Alliance. Through her involvement in the school community, she wishes to welcome and support others.

  • Seoul, South Korea
Emmett '23

When I first arrived at Govs in ninth grade, music was an interest of mine, but I never anticipated how much that interest would grow during my time here. I began as just a saxophone player, but I soon expanded, performing in our concerts as both an instrumentalist and a singer, as well as taking my music education to the classroom, with our AP music theory course. Govs has given me the resources and the tools to broaden my interests and try new things, learning skills that will stay with me for life.

Emmett is a junior day student from New Hampshire who has discovered many different areas of interest since arriving at Govs. In addition to his classes, Emmett enjoys spending time with his friends, playing basketball, hanging out in the Student Center, and participating in the various weekend events.

  • Kingston, New Hampshire
Callie '23

Being an athlete at Govs is so special. Not only have I learned to be a part of a team and play for something bigger than myself, but I have developed leadership skills that I can use beyond my years at Govs and friendships that I know will last a lifetime. Being the daughter of two alums has shown me how lucky I am to be a part of such a loving and caring community like Govs! 

For day student Callie, Govs is a family affair. Not only do her siblings also attend Govs, she is also the daughter of two alums! She is eager to get back on the lacrosse field this year to continue to develop her leadership skills.

  • Newburyport, Massachusetts
Amy Block '06

It was the inspirational teachers and coaches that I had as a student at Govs that sparked my interest to return to Byfield as a teacher. Interacting with the dedicated faculty in the classroom and on the athletic field helped them to know me not as one of many students but as an individual. Now as a teacher, coach, and dorm parent I recognize that these relationships are what continue to make the Governor's community so special.


Amy is passionate about creating engaging lessons that help students strengthen their problem-solving skills in mathematics. At the same time, she recognizes that some of the most important lessons a student learns happen outside of the classroom. Amy, who played soccer, lacrosse, and ran indoor track at the collegiate level, is a dedicated coach who helps students discover the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and working together to achieve common goals. She enjoys running, playing tennis and golf, and baking sweet treats. She is the head dorm parent in Peirce and often brings baked goods for the residents to Sunday night dorm meetings. Amy values the time she spends with students in the classroom, on the athletic field, and in the dormitory, and believes strongly that character develops in all areas of boarding school life. 

  • Math Department Chair & Girls Varsity Soccer Coach
Gary Satow

Living in our dorms reinforces the most important values in the Governor’s community.  It is here where our students learn to exercise their independence, generate meaningful and lasting relationships, maintain their own spaces, develop their unique process of studying, and learn the most valuable lessons about community living, from the mundane tasks of dorm jobs to the most important lessons about trust, empathy, and respect.


Mr. Satow has been a dorm parent since the very first day of his career as an educator. He is dedicated to using the dormitories and the Residential Life Program at Governor’s as a method of developing adolescents into young adults. Mr. Satow can be found monitoring a study hall, hosting a meal in the dorm common room on a weekend, or organizing the Farmhouse reunion barbecue every spring.   

  • Associate Dean of Academics & History Teacher
Claudia Asano Barcomb

The Afternoon Program teaches life lessons—teamwork, hard work, discipline, and goal setting. As individuals or together, onfield or onstage, our students spend their afternoons learning to achieve.

Claudia honed her love of sports and her competitive spirit as a three-season athlete in the ISL, as the captain of a championship ice hockey team at Harvard, and as an assistant coach at Harvard and head coach at Union. Under her stewardship, the Govs Afternoon Program gets everyone to come out and play.

  • Director of Afternoon Programs and Athletics
Eddie Carson

A common myth about teaching history is that we focus exclusively on the past. In actuality, I want my students to think about the present and future, as we engage in discussions about how the past excluded so many of us because of our race, gender, and sexual orientation. This is part of the work in being an equitable and inclusive community.

An independent historian, history teacher, Dean of Multicultural Education, and activist, Eddie helps to engage his history classes—and the higher education community—with critical questions of diversity, equity, and inclusion both in history and in contemporary life. Whether serving on an editorial board or as a dorm parent, Eddie illuminates important issues while inspiring action. 

  • Dean of Multicultural Education & History Teacher
Belle Struck '94

Govs creates nurturing, inclusive spaces for students of all levels to explore, fail, express, question, experiment, and create. Everyone feels at home in the arts buildings. The arts are a vibrant part of campus life and enrich the Govs experience.

An accomplished painter and printmaker, Belle’s work can be seen around the world and closer to home, in the permanent collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. By incorporating the arts throughout the Govs curriculum and across campus life, Belle shows Govs students how creativity unlocks endless possibilities.

  • Visual Art Teacher


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